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Mens Women Tungsten carbide Matching Rings for Couple Wedding Band Carbon Fiber Brushed 6 CZ Inlaid Comfort Fit

  • Brand: HAMANY
  • Product Code: shop-AMACUS-WN02-42
  • $174.99

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CASUAL & MODERN: Silver Brushed & Grooved band for a bride or groom offers affordable luxury without appearing fake
HEAVY DUTY: Wide rings use thick tungsten carbide for a classic look that is durable & long-lasting
WATER & SCRATCH PROOF: Silver Brushed & Grooved ring with 6 Stones Inlaid is scratch resistant & waterproof
MULTI USE: Silver & CZ band for him or her to use as original band or travel replacement ring
CASUAL AND MODERN Trying not to break the bank but don

1. Cut 3mm wide strips

2. Wrap the paper around your fingers. Make sure the paper is under the finger joints and near the joints.

3. Mark the place where the paper touches and measure its length.

4. Use the chart to determine your ring size.

5. Measure the size of the finger before purchase because the tungsten carbide ring cannot be resized. Paper measurements are for reference only. We want to suggest that you measure your finger size in the jewelry store to get an accurate ring size. 

Note: Make sure the measurement you choose is easily adapted to your knuckles

While measuring, keep in mind that the size of each finger may be different, so don't think the rings that fit the left ring finger are also suitable for your ring finger.

Measure your hands warm and not cold.

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