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About Us The website is fashionable, environmentally friendly and healthy. It is the dragon of high-quality goods in jewelry. It provides customized services for customers. It belongs to Putian City Lihe Trade CO.,LTD. 

Putian City Lihe Trade CO.,LTD. was established in 2012. It is an enterprise Specializing in personalized custom clothing, shoes and development, producing and selling accessories. The company independently owns the registered international trademark-HAMANY, and owns domestic advanced clothing, shoes and jewelry production technology.

Dare to be the first, based in China, facing the world, Putian City Lihe Trade CO.,LTD. insists on "Originating from business sales, striving for market trends, developing independent innovation, and strengthening brand promotion", mainly engaged in ceramic art, modern plate clothing , shoes, jewelry products, etc.

In line with the business philosophy of "Give tastes to life, give dreams to life, and give the society realms", Putian City Lihe Trade CO.,LTD.  has established the HAMANY brand image based on first-class products and high-quality services, And strives to build a well-known HAMANY brand.

No matter how the times change, clothing, food, housing, and transportation are always the same sunrise industries, and they are also indispensable products for people to obtain a high-quality life. Putian City Lihe Trade CO.,LTD. hopes to bring consumers better products and more considerate services , While helps more entrepreneurs realize their dreams of creating wealth.

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